Our Tenants

Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island

  • Contact: Doug Thompson, General Manager
  • Suit: 204
  • Phone: (902) 892-5331
  • Fax: (902) 566-2755
  • Email: dfpei@dfpei.pe.ca
  • Website: http://www.dfpei.pe.ca
  • Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island is the marketing organization for all PEI dairy producers. It is established under the Natural Products Marketing Act to regulate and administer the Dairy Industry in Prince Edward Island.

Dr. Freeman Zhao MD and CMD Dr. Ac TCM Natural Medicine Clinic

  • Suit: 210
  • Phone: (902) 200-2825
  • Acupuncture, Acupressure, (Shiatsu) and Herbal Tea Treatment

Ducks Unlimited Canada

  • Contact: Wade Lewis
  • Suit: 112
  • Phone: (902) 667-8726
  • Email: du_charlottetown@ducks.ca
  • Website: http://www.ducks.ca
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada works with PEI’s agricultural producers to implement best management practices, and protect waterfowl habitat while maximizing agricultural function.

Legacy Garden Office

Lobster PEI

Nature Conservancy Canada

  • Contact: Lanna Campbell
  • Suit: Suite 203
  • Phone: 902-892-3608
  • Email: lanna.campbell@natureconservancy.ca
  • Website: http://www.natureconservancy.ca
  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is Canada's leading land conservation organization. we are a private, non-profit group that works with land owners to protect Canada's special places. NCC has been conserving land across Canada for over 50 years. With help from our conservation partners, NCC had helped protect over 5,600 acres on PEI.

PEI Aquaculture Allinace

PEI Marketing Council

  • Contact: Tara Murphy
  • Suit: 216
  • Phone: (902) 569-7575
  • Fax: (902) 368-5790
  • Email: tmurphy@gov.pe.ca
  • The PEI Marketing Council supervises the creation and operation of producer boards, commissions and groups that regulate and control the production, sale, processing, marketing, transportation and pricing of natural products.

PEI Watershed Alliance

  • Contact: Jolene Jackson
  • Suit: 214 and 218
  • Phone: 902-388-8611
  • Email: admin@peiwatershedalliance.org
  • Website: http://peiwatershedalliance.org
  • The overall goal of the PEIWA is to improve and protect the environmental quality of Prince Edward Island watersheds, for the benefit of all Island residents. The Alliance shall empower Island watershed groups to achieve their goals by promoting cooperation, by serving their needs and by providing a strong, united voice in addressing Island-wide watershed issues.

The Canadian Home Builders Association (PEI)

  • Contact: Alicia Packwood, Executive Officer
  • Suit: 212 A
  • Phone: 902-393-2093
  • Email: alicia@chba-pei.ca
  • The Canadian Home Builders' Association is "the voice of Canada's residential construction industry". CHBA members come from every area of Canada's housing industry - new home builders, renovators, land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, service professionals and others.

The Farm Centre Association

  • Contact: Phil Ferraro
  • Suit: 103
  • Phone: (902) 892-3419
  • Fax: (902) 368-2520
  • Email: info@peifarmcentre.com
  • Website: http://peifarmcentre.com
  • The Farm Centre Association Inc is a not-for-profit, social enterprise with a mandate to provide economical and convenient rental/event spaces and encourage communication, education and growth of PEI food systems. Our activities include managing the Legacy Garden and a seasonal, Thursday evening farmers' market.

The PEI Agriculture Sector Council

  • Contact: Laurie Loane, Executive Director
  • Suit: 113
  • Phone: (902) 892-1091
  • Fax: (902) 892-1891
  • Email: info@peiagsc.ca
  • Website: http://www.peiagsc.ca
  • The PEI Agriculture Sector Council is a non-profit organization which provides a vehicle for effective industry participation in identifying and addressing human resource issues in the agriculture industry.

The PEI Cattle Producers

  • Contact: Tammy Hogg
  • Suit: 202
  • Phone: (902) 368-2229
  • Fax: (902) 367-3082
  • Email: info@peicattleproducers.com
  • The PEI Cattle Producers is a grassroots organization that represents PEI's beef producers. Their focus is to provide leadership and support to create profitable, environmentally sustainable beef production through vigorous leadership, representation, education, co-operation, and promotion.

The PEI Hog Marketing Board

  • Contact: Denise Cassidy
  • Suit: 209
  • Phone: (902) 892-4201
  • Fax: (902) 892-4203
  • Email: harvey-denise@hotmail.ca
  • Website: http://www.peipork.com
  • The PEI Hog Marketing Board is the representative body for the hog producers of PEI. The Marketing Board provides communication to its producer body and represents the same on issues related to government and regulatory organizations.

The PEI Horticultural Association

  • Contact: Joanne Driscoll
  • Suit: 111
  • Phone: (902) 566-2733
  • Fax: (902) 566-5637
  • Email: peihort@pei.aibn.com
  • The PEI Horticultural Association supports initiatives which encourage profitable production, effective promotion systems and by providing support services in the area of research and development, and extension.

The PEI Trucking Sector Council

  • Contact: Brian Oulton
  • Suit: 211
  • Phone: (902) 566-5563
  • Fax: (902) 566-4506
  • Email: info@peitsc.ca
  • Website: http://www.peitsc.ca
  • The PEI Trucking Sector Council is an Industry driven not-for-profit organization committed to addressing human resources issues and opportunities in the PEI trucking industry such as identifying and addressing issues related to workforce attraction and retention, career awareness, skills upgrading and training.

The Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association

  • Contact: Ian MacPherson, Executive Director
  • Suit: 102
  • Phone: (902) 566-4050
  • Fax: (902) 368-3748
  • Email: managerpeifa@eastlink.ca
  • Website: http://www.peifa.org
  • The Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association (PEIFA) is recognized as the representative organization for all core fishers in the province, and represents fishers in specific geographical areas of the province.

The Prince Edward Island Harness Racing Industry Association

  • Contact: Wayne Pike
  • Suit: 204
  • Phone: (902) 569-1682
  • Fax: (902) 569-1827
  • Email: peracing@eastlink.ca
  • The Prince Edward Island Harness Racing Industry Association (PEIHRIA) was formed in 1999, and they work to further establish and perpetuate the financial stability and future viability of the Harness Racing Industry on Prince Edward Island.